Modeling with Littlefox Part 2 – The Revenge of the UV Map

Modeling with Littlefox Part 2 - The Revenge of the UV Map

Modeling with Littlefox Part 2 – The Revenge of the UV Map

Attention: This file is from Old RuntimeDNA.

In this product, you’ll find a great many things that set it apart from other tutorials on the market.

I don’t assume you know how to make a UV Map or even entirely what one is.
It would be nice if you knew what a UV Map looked like, but it’s not entirely necessary. I’ll be offering a short explanation that hopefully will make sense to everyone. Newbies especially!

I don’t focus on tools, I focus on getting the project going.
In this tutorial, we start of with setting up the model so it has enough resolution for Poser or DS. From there we go straight into a quick discussion of what UV mapping on a model is, then straight into making a UV map for the dress you created in the previous tutorial.

I do teach tools and technique in ACTION, not in theory.
No Encyclopedia of tools!
No tool by tool dissection of what every dial does!
As with the first tutorial, I’m going to be teaching you the tools you’ll actually use and how to use them without spending time on every single dial, switch, tool in the tool box.

I do teach you by doing an actual PRODUCT QUALITY DRESS!!!
As with the first tutorial, we’re continuing on with an ACTUAL dress into rigging! I’ve even included the mesh created from the two previous tutorials to allow you to work side by side with me.

I do go STEP-by-STEP! Every single one of them!
If we use a tool, it’s right there what I used and how to get at it.
Not every tool in the book, just the ones you need. And I’m not going to skip steps and just assume you can keep up. Nope, we’re going start to finish, every step I do is illustrated and explained so that you can do it yourself!

*Bonus!* A step by step in UVLayout!
Not only do I walk you through how to UVmap in Modo, but I also do it in my preferred mapping tool, UVLayout!!! If you have not heard me gushing over this program, you probably haven’t been paying attention.
However I’ve heard many people having difficulty getting started with it so I did a second section of the tutorial specializing in UVLayout techniques. Now it’s not everything, heavens that would take ages, but it is everything you need to do this project and to get yourself started on one of the most powerful UV Mapping tools available!

This product teaches in MODO and UVLayout.

You do not however have to know Modo or UVLayout to use this eBook. I introduce you to everything you need to know in the software as we go. So if you’ve had the program for a while, but haven’t gotten past the learning curve, we’ll get you past it!

Unfortunately, unlike modeling, each software program can be a bit different in how it does things. The core strategies I teach and many of the tips I give will work for any system, however a great deal of this tutorial may be difficult to apply in a generic way to other programs.

*This product only covers the uvmapping and mesh optimization aspects of content creation. It does not delve into modeling, texturing, rigging, etc.

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