Terai Yuki 2 – Ultimate Head Morphs

Terai Yuki 2 - Ultimate Head Morphs

Terai Yuki 2 – Ultimate Head Morphs

A darling dazzler from head to toe, she shines, she radiates, she morphs into character after character from soft and sweet, to fierce and exacting. Morphs included range from the normal face morphs seen everywhere on Poser figures, to a mix of scifi and fantasy, alien to elf. Terai Yuki Head Morphs add the dimension to this darling figure that sets it apart. With over 70 brand new head morphs its another factor in the changing face of Runtime DNA

Yet another fantastic morph package from RuntimeDNA and the Morph factor, this new head morph package adds some real weight to evolving and changing the standard Terai Yuki face. 70 morphs complete this package that allow the user the wide range of normal head morphs, with the addition of fantasy, sci fi, elven and alien morphs as well

NLA - https://web.archive.org/web/20150910063802/http://www.runtimedna.com/Terai-Yuki-2-Ultimate-Head-Morphs.html

Terai Yuki 2

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