Welcome!!! We are a private site dedicated to the sharing of resources among our members.
We hope you feel at home, share your stuffs, knowledge and art with us at our Art showcase and make
Please check our FAQ below and close any questions you may have about our site.
If your question is not answered, go to the “Support ” section and see how to contact our admins and/or
moderators to be your doubts answered.
We do appreciate the efforts of our members to make this a best site ever.

Rules and Guidelines
We always strive to promote a friendly community for all of our members, so we respectfully ask that you
follow to these guidelines.
– Use only English here, other language are not allowed.
As we are a mixed community where there are a wide range of experiences, backgrounds, religions and ages,
we ask to:
– Respect other members and do not abuse or harass them;
– Keep all comments, posts and remarks free of racial or sexual abuse;
– No offensives usernames;
– Do NOT ask for money or sell services through this site;
– Advertising your website isn’t allowed even in your signature, without prior permission from the
– Do NOT spam with repeated posts, if it happens the post will be deleted without a previous notification;
– No aggressive behavior or flaming in the forums;
– No porn. Do NOT add sexually explicit material, images, icons or anything similar anywhere in this site.
– Ensure that you use the relevant forum for your discussion, inquiry or request.

Membership and Renewing your Account
As a private site, you need donate to have access your account and can make downloads through the points acquired with donation.
To make your donate to being a member or renew your membership, please contact Topgfx Admin :
” topgfx.com/index.php?do=pm&doaction=newpm&user=1 “.


** Getting points
We operate a points based system for downloads, in order to use the site in its totally, you will need points .
You should have received points just for joining , visiting the site each day, when you post items and each
time someone downloads something you’ve posted before.
Points can be earned in other ways too, feel free to explore the site and discover these options!
** Refunding points
Sometimes you may wish to download something from one of our members and discover the download links
are dead. So follow the steps to help resolve it:
– Please contact the uploader and ask for an updated link.
– If the post won’t be fixed a few days, please contact one of our Moderators for assistance.
– If a link cannot be replaced then you are eligible for a points refund equal to the points you originally paid.
– Refundable points will be drawn from the original posters point total by our site Admin and transferred to
your account.
Please note that due to everyone being in different time zones, there may be a short delay for any applicable
*For details of who to contact, please see the ‘Support’ section of this FAQ.

Uploading and post my items
*** Upload files and images:
Before you make a post, you will need upload it into a file hosts*. Here are allowed:
MEGA – 50GB free storage and requires a valid email address (https://mega.nz/#start);
Mediafire – 10 GB free storage and requires a valid email address (https://www.mediafire.com/);
Google Drive – 15GB storage (Accessed via your gmail account);
Piyomod – 1TB free storage – under test (https://piyomod.com/)
Other possible file hosts include: Cloud.mail.ru, DropBox, OneDrive, Box.
*Please note that if you upload somewhere else via a none listed file host your post may get deleted !!!
And you will need provide a image to add in your posts. We ask to you use preferably one of these image
hosts: imgur.com, tinypic.com or photobucket.com

*** Quick Guide – How do I post items?
Before you post, is extremely important you make a search of the site to ensure you don’t create a duplicate post.

Posts created without due care, attention or don’t follow the rules will be subject to modification or even
Click at ‘Add Post’ (in the top of the home page) then follow the step-by- step guide to create your post.
There follows an overview of the process:
– Always copy/paste the required information directly from the product’s source.
– Provide a name for the post, preferably the original products name.
– Please select the most appropriate category for your post.
– Provide an image for your post using the allowed image hosts* (see above)
– Remember to mention if another product is required. If it is necessary provide a link to the required
item here on GFXRU and not an external source. And if the required item isn’t here, feel free to upload it
– Enter some details of the product. These can be copy/pasted from the original source.
– Enter some ’tags’ in the required field to help with searches.
– Provide a direct link to the original product source for reference (DAZ3D, Rendo etc).
– Provide the download link uploaded by you at file host you choose and submit.

*** Have doubt which category use, take look here
To avoid use the wrong category when you post something,these guidelines should help .
Animals – Any animals or creature (not fantasy) found in the nature.
Animation & Poses – Aniblocks, Expression and/or Pose Packs.
Bundles – Official packs with a lot of items or one you’ve made yourself.
People – Models based upon real world peoples.
Clothing & Accessories – Anything a characterwears: Clothing; Accessories like hats, jewelry; Underwear;
Swimmwear; Clothing texture packs; Footwear, etc.
Environments & Props – Large or small sceneries and any props a character can wear (Carpets, Furniture,
Guitars, Plants, TV’s etc).
Hair – All hair and textures goes here.
Creatures – Any creature not found in nature like: Aliens, Demons, Dinosaurs, Fantasy Races, Monsters;
Androids, Automatons, Cyborgs, Droids and Robots belong here.
Toon – Every toonies goes here.
Vehicles – Any kind of vehicleincluding spaceships.
Utilities & Resources – Things like HDRI, Lighting, Merchant Resources, Morphs, Shaders.

Softwares, Tools & Plugins – Things like programs, convertors, Scripts etc.
Photoshop –All materials related to Photoshop like brushes, actions, scripts, etc.
Training – All tutorials goes here.
User’s Exclusives – Everything created by our members, like characters, programs, clothes, textures for clothes etc.
XXX (adults) – Adults contents goes here.

Requesting Items
Our members are free to use the ’Requests’ to ask other members if they have the wished items, and if they
are willing to share them. Making it have in mind:
– Requests can be kept simple;
– When requesting items please provide link(s) to the original source(s) for product identification.
– You may ’request’ multiple items on a single list as this often saves time.

Dead Links and Duplicate Posts
– Dead Links can be reported using the ’Report Dead Link or Spam’ button found at the bottom of each post.
– Duplicate posts will always be deleted when found with the first/original post being the post left in place.

If you find that you have questions not covered by this FAQ, feel free to ask our community using the
General Chat forum.
But if it something related to site, send a PM to one of our team and we will help you.


Please Contact Topgfx Admin

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