Sezaen Bone Conjurer Addons

Sezaen Bone Conjurer Addons

Sezaen Bone Conjurer Addons

The Sezaen Bone Conjurer Addon adds a new beautiful detail depth to your Genesis 8 Female based characters!
With four different colored rune LIE overlays for face, torso, arms and legs and their matching metallic glitter and emissive options (which can be combined freebie) you can give your ladies a completely new look.

A choice of colored eye glow materials for either the full eye or just the cornea are included.

On top of that you get two auto fitting jewelry figures for the had and torso. Their materials match the color schemes of the Bone Conjurer outfit and can be used together with this set. Far maximum compatibilty, we also uncluded style morphs which guarantee a perfect fit of the jewelry when used together with the outfit’s cap, hood and two cloak types.

The Sezaen Bone Conjurer Addons are part of a themed group release, consisting of this addon, a character and outfit!

Sezaen for Genesis 8 Female(s)

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