Scott 6 Pro Bundle

Scott 6 Pro Bundle

Scott 6 Pro Bundle

Scott 6, is a strong, mature and very handsome new character addition who is ready to save the day at any given moment. He is built on the Genesis 2 Male Base and which can be morphed into various ages, shapes, body types with incredible quality and detail you’ve come to expect from a Daz figure. Scott 6 has is not only attractive but has a muscular and athletic build that makes him a perfect fit in any given role whether it be as a super hero, military personnel, villain or hero and more!

This Bundle Includes:
Scott 6
Scott 6 Starter Bundle
FW Jeremy HD for Scott 6
Retro Future for Genesis 2 Male(s)
Double Breasted Suit for Genesis 2 Male(s)
Funky Hair for Genesis 2 Male(s)
Super Power Poses
Garen for Scott 6
Alternate Identity for Genesis 2 Male(s)
Espionage for Genesis 2 Male(s)
Scott Hair
DA Cache 22 Pose Set for Scott 6
Genesis 2 Male Anatomical Elements

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