Pix Venus500 for Genesis 8 Female

Pix Venus500 for Genesis 8 Female

Pix Venus500 for Genesis 8 Female

Please welcome Venus500 for Genesis 8 Female – part human, part machine, this new hybrid species combine the best of both machine and organic intelligence and capabilities. Venus500 comes with detailed cyborg skin created on Genesis 8 Base Female UV set. She comes with 5 cyborg face designs, a full body cyborg skin, a shiny and non-shiny cyborg skin shaders, plus a 2-layered Geoshell suit with 12 presets for both Iray and 3Delight.

Venus500 also comes with a default full mat base skin, 8 eye colors, 3 eye reflections, 4 lash options, 6 eye shadows and 6 lip colors.


Required Product Link
Genesis 8 Female Head Morphs https://3daxis.org/genesis-8-female-head-morphs/
Genesis 8 Female Body Morphs https://3daxis.org/genesis-8-female-body-morphs/
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