Nadima for Genesis 3 Female

Nadima for Genesis 3 Female

Nadima for Genesis 3 Female

Nadima is a Gorgeous Arabic Themed Character for Genesis 3 Female!

Mats come in Iray and a 3Delight Shader is Included


-01 Nadima Character Preset
-01 Full Apply/REM
-01 Head Apply/REM
-01 Body Apply/REM
-01 Nails Apply/REM
-01 Nipples Apply/REM (Requires Genesis 3 Female Body Morphs)
-01 3Delight Shader
-01 Default Skin
-01 Normal Maps Off Option
-01 Normal Maps 100% Option
-01 Normal Maps 50% Option
-09 Eye Options
-01 Reflection Apply/REM
-01 Lips Reset
-09 Lip Options (Glossy)
-09 Lip Options (Matte)
-01 MakeUp Reset
-08 MakeUp Options
-08 Nail Options
21 L.I.E. Henna Presets
-13 Arm and Hand Presets
-01 Face Preset
-07 Leg and Foot Presets
-01 Arm Reset
-01 Face Reset
-01 Legs Reset

*Apply ALL L.I.E. Presets LAST!!
!!To Make LIE Henna Ink Darker Simply Apply Twice!!

*Tested in Daz Studio 4.9

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