Instant Zombies 2: The Herd (new link)

Instant Zombies 2: The Herd

Instant Zombies 2: The Herd

The main strength and danger of undead zombie hordes lies always in their quantity. Such quantity is however limited by resources on your computer. But with our new product you can make a real flood of zombies made with care for your rendering resources, but nevertheless detailed and frightening. Now, finally, you can send real swarms of these bloodthirsty undead beasts aganist your poser heroes without the fear of your PC. In the new volume you can add even more zombies into your scenes. Included is 25 zombies herd with total resolution about 40 000 polygons which can be formed into any of ten included scatter morphs.

What is included:
Zombie Herd Prop consisting of 25 zombie models

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