Honey Bunny Lingerie for G3F and G8F

Honey Bunny Lingerie for G3F and G8F

Honey Bunny Lingerie for G3F and G8F

HoneyBunny lingerie for G3 / G8 Female
Seductive lovingly designed bunny lingerie for Genesis 8. Every wrinkle has been created by hand to get a most realistic fold education. The whole lingerie was created with great attention and love to detail.
As a bonus and for your entertainment you also get some funny bunny ears and tail with this lingerie.

HoneyBunny lingerie comes with preinstalled morphs and automatically fits to almost any morph you can dial in Genesis 8 Female(s) due to DAZ Studio 4.10 or higher auto-follow.

This outfit is set up with SubD Level 1. For slower computers just go back to resolution level “BASE”

It comes with 24 base materials to choose from.

All materials presets are optimized for iray engine

Morphs that are not listed here automatically follow through Auto-Follow in DAZ Studio.


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