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    UPDATED: I increased the points I’ll pay for member who help us sharing new releases. To member usually helps, my sincere “thank you so much”.

    I won’t create a normal list here, so any new release posted, the uploader will earn extra points.

    Always PM me after make your post, so I’ll remember to send your points.

    If you don’t have time to make the post, you can PM me with link(s) (download) and I’ll post it to you.

    Single products (like character, clothes, textures, addons etc) – will earn 1000 points;
    Bundles1500 points;
    Pro bundles2000 points.

    Remember to qualify and get the reward:
    * Items from DAZ/Poser need be released in the current month or the month before.
    * Bundles will be accepted only officials (created by vendor), no custom or incomplete – or won’t be published.
    * If you want split a bundle, it’s ok. But be sure you posted all items or you won’t be “payed”. 😉

    Please make search before post, to check if what you want post, wasn’t already posted.
    In the title use always the official release name, anything more or less, please.

    As usually double posts will be deleted.

    Thank you so much for help us. 🙂


    I KingMW need to renew my account. Who can I email?


    @kingmw have you tried pm’ing the admin at ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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