Photo Props: Weathered Rocks

Photo Props: Weathered Rocks

Photo Props: Weathered Rocks

Weathered Rocks is a package with 7 photo realistic rocks, weathered by the waves of the ocean, some of them chipped off and cracked.

The photos used in these rocks are based on real rocks collected from shores of northern Germany. They are very detailed, with high resolution textures at 4096×4096. They have a diffuse map, and a displacement/bump map. The mesh is fairly low in resolution, only 8-10k polygons, but the bump/height map is based on a high resolution version, giving it very nice detail, while being lores enough for you to be able to put many of them in the scene.

It can be used for small, garden stones, and with high enough resolution for full sized boulders! Every side is unique so you can create a lot of variations by simply rotating the same object.

A 2K texture version is included in the materials and in the obj version as well, that you can switch to if you want to save texture memory and don\\\’t need extreme closeups

DS materials is included, so they can easily be loaded in Daz Studio.

In addition, an obj version is included, which makes these rocks very easy to use in pretty much any 3D application that loads obj files, such as Vue.

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