Intimate Safety Device For Genesis 8 Female

Intimate Safety Device For Genesis 8 Female

Intimate Safety Device For Genesis 8 Female

Intimate Safety Device (ISD) for Genesis 8 Female – Model: Guardian T3 – Manufacturer: FemTec
(High Tech Chastity Belt)

Protects your girls from sexual assault and their own urges.
Stylish and sexy design, ideal for contemporary and Sci-Fi themes.

It is made from flexible and translucent (but also very sturdy) high-tech material.
This makes it fairly comfortable to wear and enables wearing for a longer time continuously (if required).
Hygiene is no issue as it can be worn under the shower and cleaned inside without opening.

It has a locking system with a touch screen and finger print sensor.
Will only permit access to the registered user.
An array of micro-sensors registers any tampering or illegal opening attempts.
Such incident will trigger and alarm and authorities will be alerted.


This is a conforming piece of clothing for Genesis 8 Females.
The following shapes are supported using custom FBMs:
– Victoria 8
– Olympia 8
– Monique 8
– Teen Josie 8
– Charlotte 8
– Stephanie 8
– Aiko 8
– Alexandra 8
– Penny 8
– Body Size
– Bodybuilder Size
– Emaciated
– Fitness Size
– Pear Figure
– Thin
– Voluptuous

Additionally, there are 31 adjustment morphs to help fitting with custom characters in combination with complex poses.
The product has been tested with ‘Golden Palace’ genitalia for Genesis 8 from Meipe. No problems found. There is an adjustment morph that helps fitting over bigger genitalia. A morph for Genesis 8 Female is included that shows the compression around the hips when the ISD is donned (visible on promo renders).

It contains a custom rig with 9 bones to enable opening and closing.
Left, right and back side can be opened independently.
Opening animation is made simple by a master control dial.

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