supernova V4 clothing items?

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    Looking for:
    -FILLED-TightFit V4/A4/G4/S4
    -FILLED-RealTShirt V4-A4-G4-S4
    -FILLED-TightFit V4/A4/G4/S4
    -FILLED-Fitness Baby
    -FILLED-Sexy Elegance
    Bejeweled Gown
    Bejeweled Boots

    I think a few of these were up in the old forum, but the links are long dead.

    Thank you for looking!


    I’m not sure if I have all these, but I’ll try move them to here with new links and post the others.
    Give me some time. 😉


    Thank you so much Akasha!


    You’re welcome.

    I posted some addons and some other clothes from -supernova- that I have here. I probably have more items, but I’ll need check with more patience. 😉

    I really like so much 3d Age and supernova clothes. Feel free to share item from them. I’ll love it. ;D

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