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    After mentioning this, one of the 3daxis moderators asked me to post this list under Requests to see if anyone previously downloaded any of these while the links were still active. These have no points and would be simply for the benefit of all membership. There may be a few others that I failed to make note of along the way, if found, will come back and add them.

    ***filled*** India Dress for V4 w-txtrs and jewelry, by powerage
    ***filled*** FRAD Chyna for V4, character model
    ***filled*** Sweet Bonbon for Bonbon, outfit texture
    ***filled*** Sweet Angel for V4, outfit
    ***filled*** V4 Pearls, by Richabri
    ***filled*** Liaison for Crazy Belle, outfit texture
    ***filled*** Simply Fascinating for V4, hair band jewelry piece
    Touchable for Simply Fascinating
    ***filled*** Path 9, 3D background set
    ***filled*** Into the Woods poses and backgrounds



    I have added SV’s Simply Fascinating
    (I used to have all of the other some times ago, I’ll let you know if I can find them)



    Thxs Dru !!

    Don’t know if you can access my list but if so, could you please add
    Ultimate Dynamic Tee V4 by Optitex

    Here’s the topgfx link but you should NOT activate its flashing “Download” link.
    It leads to a very nasty trojan cookie that locked up my browser and
    forced me to do a virus scan….not nice.


    and one more thing….

    …you should also replace the Into The Woods listing with this big Kustom Bundle:

    Renderosity Background Grab Bag 3.5 GB

    This is the biggest background bundle I’ve ever seen, and if you or anyone else
    still has it, that would be sweet… !!


    Re πŸ™‚

    You’re welcome πŸ˜‰

    I found Path 9 & India dress (only templates are missing, I did not found them sorry)
    I’m uploading both


    Ps / I’ll search for the background, I must have some of them too


    I’ll take a look of your requests and see if I can fill some too. πŸ™‚


    I found FRAD Chyna in my stuffs. I’m uploading to you.
    I’m still looking for the others, but no lucky until now. πŸ™



    thxs for the updates and efforts, Dru and Akasha…


    I found Sweet Bonbon, Into the wood and V4 Pearls, but the Touchable for Simply Fascinating, I never saw this item. Do you have a store link? I’m curious… ^^

    I’m uploading the item to you. πŸ™‚


    I’m already posted them. Enjoy! πŸ˜€ I’ll see if I can have the other files you requested.


    Angel, Akasha and Dru… thxs all for finding all these. Just got back in town and will check them out. My bad for calling the texture for Simply Fascinating as “Touchable”. That’s only for Wolfie Hair, this is for Wolfie hair prop, and should have been called “Dazzle” for Simply Fascinating. here’s the link:

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