Budai for Genesis 8 Male

Budai for Genesis 8 Male

Budai for Genesis 8 Male

Budai is a magical being from Asian folklore and is regarded as a symbol of luck and happiness. This mega pack contains the following:

– the full Budai character, with separate dials for the ears, head, face and body. He also comes with fibermesh eyebrows;
– a full set of clothing, including a robe that exposes his belly, pants, a sash, and a stick which he uses to carry his possessions. The robe is dForce enabled and rigged to allow the user to manually accommodate most poses;
– 5 unique Budai poses and one expression dial to complete the character;
– a variety of realistic statue textures for Budai and matching shaders for clothing and props. A pedestal for statues/figurines is also included.

The product is made for dForce but works well in most poses as conforming


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