3DS Adsila for Genesis 8 Females

3DS Adsila for Genesis 8 Females

3DS Adsila for Genesis 8 Females

Adsila for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Adsila Comes with:
Adsila Head Morph
Adsila Body Morph
Lashes Apply
Lashes Remove
Square Nail Apply
Square Nail Remove
Navel Apply
Navel Remove
Nipple Apply
Nipple Remove
Adsila Base Materials + Genitalia
8 Eye Textures
6 Lash Options
7 Soft makeups
7 Bold Makeups
Adsila Eyeliner ONLY
Adsila Makeup OFF
Adsila MU Bonus 01
Adsila MU Bonus 02
7 Lip Textures
Adsila Lips Base Dark
Adsila Lips Base Light
Adsila Lips Glossy
Adsila Lips Matte
9 Nail Textures
Adsila Nails Off
NO Brow L.I.E. Preset
No Brow
Bump Higher (for distance)
Bump Lower (for normal renders)
Genitalia Material
Normal Maps Apply
Normal Maps Remove
3Delight Shader


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