221B Baker Street

221B Baker Street

221B Baker Street

As home to one of history’s most famous fictional detectives 221B Baker Street has, as you would expect many hidden mysteries.
Including a hidden room filled with props and goodies and many highly detailed furniture props that can be added, removed or moved around to give your rooms a different look.
The walls and roof can be removed for camera and scene set-up.
It is more than just a scene, it’s a building filled with hidden secrets and detailed rooms There are over 13 movable prop pieces some that opens up to reveal wonderful surprises included in this package Included in this package: 1. 6 Lights 2. 6 Camera Settings 3. 3 Rooms (two with doors that can be opened) 4.
A background image for window scenes 5.
11 Props with various movable or removable options.
*Compatible with Poser 4, PP, 5, and 6. Not tested in 7.


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